lördag 15 december 2012

Rise of Triad next!

Yes let's play next a very classic game, and think a bit why it wasn't more popular? Did it leave in Doom's shadow or what went wrong?.

See you!

lördag 19 maj 2012

Let's play 2d games!

Bio Menace Episode 1:

Bio Menace is really a sweet 90's 2d game, made at same time when 3d was on it way to take over.
Graphic is beautiful and colorful,just enjoying to watch at. You can choose from 3 different skill level, I choosed to play on medium, and for me it still was challenging.

You are a guy with mustache, who's mission is as so usual to save earth from aliens, some enemies are cool robots, but some looks just childish, a pink happy worm in a shooting game?!? WHY?.
There is variation in ammo, but maybe it could have been a bit better.

Sweet story texts are included as the game goes on.

85/100 Enjoyably 2d shooting

lördag 12 maj 2012

Half Life mod: They Hunger:

Zombie time!

Well here we have one good old hf1 mod. Story for this mod is interesting, you are a random person driving a car, and ending in water after a storm. In the beginning you run around and you are already getting a filing that everything isn't alright. Then you find a dead man and after that the zombie invasion starts! 

You are fighting most of the time alone with new and also familiar weapons from hf. The game has 3 episodes. In which you will find out that your enemies leaders are some kind of a captain of army and a doctor.

Beginning of the game is a bit boring because you meet the same enemy so long, and it's not easy neither. with only a umbrella as weapon. The game is made by pc gamer magazine back in 1999, and in beginning The levels look that they are made by a amateur, but later you see the true beauty  of the levels. With hospitals,prisons, and other interesting places.

They Hunger is a challenging game, and it drags you back to computer till the end of the game. I couldn't even finish the last level on medium!

:Nice enemies
:voice acting


...Even a bit unfair game
:Why are there so few helpers!
:Some failures in outdoor designing

84\100 Still rocking after 13 years!

onsdag 18 april 2012

About my review system.

When I am reviewing older games, I'll try to think about the time when the game was made. And not judging it for example old graphics or something else thats after its time.

Something new that i'm going to rate later is free games. I will be a bit nicer to them, because it's oft just one person who have made it, but ofc if it's a indie company who have made a free game then I shall review it like other games.

tisdag 17 april 2012

Turok Evolution!

 PS2  2002: also on pc,gc.

You are a Indian Tal'Set, with old and futuristic weapons. You fight most of the time alone against lots of evil slegg troops, but in some levels you get help from soldiers that reminds a bit of clone troopers from Star Wars.

The game is for most a first person shooter, but there are three chapters were you fly on some kind of a dinosaur, and these levels are the worst of Turok Evo. The flying dinosaur is very hard to fly with, oft it ends up flying in  rocks.

In first person parts the enemies are too quite hard and gives a challenge to better players too. Graphics are ok for the release year.

After all Turok Evolution isn't a game remembered by many, but it should have got at least a bit more attention, it's a good game.

+Nice levels

-Flying levels
-Too much enemies!

84\100p Let the axe rock! 

torsdag 23 februari 2012

Turok Evolution: Nearly alone against the world.

Yes I started today to play this good fps and it's soon time to review it :) Ofc should i first play the older turok games,but i don't own them yet.

See you!