torsdag 10 november 2011

Next game? let's see!

Now I will choose some of this games for my next review:

Rayman 3
Harry potter 3
Mace Griffin
or a surprise?

Be blessed!

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Year:2001 Platform:Pc

Agent blaskowitz: You fight again alone!

Yes it's again an unreal one man fight against Nazis, but a good one man game!

First of all i have to say it's a very hard game, I played it one easy but I still had problems in  many parts, so it surly is a challenge to all players. The enemies aren't always so wise as the game promise, many times you can snipe them down without them doing nothing.

Well of course the graphics look a bit old this is a ten year old game, so you can't expect super graphics.
This is maybe first time I wish a game would be a bit shorter, but it worth playing trough. Wolfenstein have many enemies and some are really annoying, bosses gives a good variety.

After all it was again a good game from Id and no one should take it serious because it's so unreal.