fredag 2 december 2011

Hello! Playing Super Mario on emulator.

And it's awesome!, finished first world with: 43850points. I'm not going yet to review this game maybe later! Now I have still to find out which game should be next...

torsdag 10 november 2011

Next game? let's see!

Now I will choose some of this games for my next review:

Rayman 3
Harry potter 3
Mace Griffin
or a surprise?

Be blessed!

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Year:2001 Platform:Pc

Agent blaskowitz: You fight again alone!

Yes it's again an unreal one man fight against Nazis, but a good one man game!

First of all i have to say it's a very hard game, I played it one easy but I still had problems in  many parts, so it surly is a challenge to all players. The enemies aren't always so wise as the game promise, many times you can snipe them down without them doing nothing.

Well of course the graphics look a bit old this is a ten year old game, so you can't expect super graphics.
This is maybe first time I wish a game would be a bit shorter, but it worth playing trough. Wolfenstein have many enemies and some are really annoying, bosses gives a good variety.

After all it was again a good game from Id and no one should take it serious because it's so unreal.


lördag 22 oktober 2011

It's time to return to castle wolfenstein!

Yes this follower to original wolfenstein 3d is up next, and it have already self lived 10 years, keep reading and be blessed!

lördag 8 oktober 2011

Doom 3

One doomed marine.

Well here we have the follower to the fps which changed it all. Doom 3 does not continue the story from doom 1 or 2, it's a totally new story.

This time Id tries to scare player bigtime! and success with that if you are playing in dark with lights off and volym on high, but i don't recommend that it can be dangerous.

Doom 3 on has 4 different skill level, the fourth nightmare are for sure a challenge to everyone! Well the story starts with that you are send to mars, where humans have a base where strange things are going on, you are a replacement marine ,and it's ridiculous because you are the only marine send there with this ship.  In the same ship are Counsellor Swann and his bodyguard Campbell who comes to talk with a scientist who has responsible off happenings on the base. Well early in the game everything ends up in a mess! and soon you are one off the last alive.

Dooms story is good with much information going on as you progress,from personal computer ''pda'' to which you can download videos and messages from others pda:s, Dooms points falls a bit of the reason that it is fast feeling like the same all the time, specially when one monster (imps) are in every level! that is getting boring and annoying! and some secret messages are disturbing, well this game isn't meant to take too serious and definitely not fore all!

But Doom 3 success to keep Doom series as a good games!


fredag 7 oktober 2011

Change of game!

I will not yet make a review of Harry potter, i'll make first of doom 3 which i play now!

torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Lord of The Rings Conquest

 Year:2007 platform: Ps 3

So we come to a Lord of the Rings game in Sw Battlefront style. My exceptions for the game weren't highest because of a game magazine i read and sadly it wasn't a masterpiece, but neither a bad game.

Firs you have to play the good sides missions to unlock bad side. Starts with a nice battle in Helms Deep beginning feels good but then i notice something is wrong, you have to do nearly all fighting by your self so that was a disappointment, so the allies are quite useless only a few places are they to a real help.

The game is very hard! I had to play it on easy and still had problems in some levels, but when you get a hero to help it makes everything much easier for example old master Gandalf.

The levels are in my opinion nice designed and quite big. In game are too some ridiculous mages put in. It was sad to play with Dark side and in then end fight in Shire.

After all a quite good game!


Next Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban!

fredag 12 augusti 2011

Let's skip Battlefront 2 rest mods and continue with Lotr Conquest.

Yes because the rest of gamemods in bf2 are just like battlefront 1, which i will later make a review of.

Yes next i'm going to rate my newest game Lord Of The Rings Conquest!

måndag 25 juli 2011

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Played on:Pc   Available:ps2 

Single player: Well well well lets start then with a short review of the single player mod in the game. You are a soldier of the 501first company starting as a clone, later becoming a imperial soldier.
Missions in games are good and challenging, very hard to beat on hard so i had to play them trough with medium. Land battles is a success this time you can even play as a jedi or sith in some missions, you really need to use them in some missions otherwise it's nearly impossible.

In the beginning you are co-operating with jedis and fight against droids from Cis. the story is good but the game is quite short. Space battles is the weakness of the game , because they are quite boring and there isn't much to do for most the same shooting down some engines or enemies.    The graphics are good but aren't better than in the first one. After all this is one of the best Star Wars games made and you need not to be a star wars fan to enjoy this.


Next i give reviews of multiplayer and the other playingmods in the game.

måndag 18 juli 2011

Hey friends! Next up: Star Wars Battlefront 2!

Yes i installed it on computer today from my cd which i payd for 1,5e :D. Waiting for interesting game hours i have played it before on ps2.

God Bless! Give him an opportunity because he is real :)

onsdag 25 maj 2011

Starting with a mod to a game.


This is a mod to Doom 2, I saw it on youtube and thought that it's worth a try because it seemed interesting.
As the name says the story it's about a town where everyone have got infected, only our player is left alive all others have become terrible monsters.

First things I noticed in this game was that maker have but lot of work on details in game, such as new monsters,weapons and really nice thing in game is allies which can be found in some levels.

Maybe the best thing is the story lines that i haven't seen in doom before, in beginning of a level he have put text like it was doomguy who tells about his situation. Game have 3 episodes with nice details in each level some are easy but there are too  hard levels, and you can always play with a harder difficult. If I have to say something bad about the game maybe it's a bit short and there are some bugs but i played beta version so they will hopefully be fixed.
Write doom towninfection on google if u want to download it. 


söndag 22 maj 2011

Lets get started!

Hey! I'm here to give reviews to old games I own! Both Good and bad games. I have done this fore years with my friend and going now to try it here to. Sorry for my bad English.

And Yeah i'm starting with pc,ps1,ps2,and game boy games because i don't own newer consoles yet.