torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Lord of The Rings Conquest

 Year:2007 platform: Ps 3

So we come to a Lord of the Rings game in Sw Battlefront style. My exceptions for the game weren't highest because of a game magazine i read and sadly it wasn't a masterpiece, but neither a bad game.

Firs you have to play the good sides missions to unlock bad side. Starts with a nice battle in Helms Deep beginning feels good but then i notice something is wrong, you have to do nearly all fighting by your self so that was a disappointment, so the allies are quite useless only a few places are they to a real help.

The game is very hard! I had to play it on easy and still had problems in some levels, but when you get a hero to help it makes everything much easier for example old master Gandalf.

The levels are in my opinion nice designed and quite big. In game are too some ridiculous mages put in. It was sad to play with Dark side and in then end fight in Shire.

After all a quite good game!


Next Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban!

fredag 12 augusti 2011

Let's skip Battlefront 2 rest mods and continue with Lotr Conquest.

Yes because the rest of gamemods in bf2 are just like battlefront 1, which i will later make a review of.

Yes next i'm going to rate my newest game Lord Of The Rings Conquest!