måndag 25 juli 2011

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Played on:Pc   Available:ps2 

Single player: Well well well lets start then with a short review of the single player mod in the game. You are a soldier of the 501first company starting as a clone, later becoming a imperial soldier.
Missions in games are good and challenging, very hard to beat on hard so i had to play them trough with medium. Land battles is a success this time you can even play as a jedi or sith in some missions, you really need to use them in some missions otherwise it's nearly impossible.

In the beginning you are co-operating with jedis and fight against droids from Cis. the story is good but the game is quite short. Space battles is the weakness of the game , because they are quite boring and there isn't much to do for most the same shooting down some engines or enemies.    The graphics are good but aren't better than in the first one. After all this is one of the best Star Wars games made and you need not to be a star wars fan to enjoy this.


Next i give reviews of multiplayer and the other playingmods in the game.

måndag 18 juli 2011

Hey friends! Next up: Star Wars Battlefront 2!

Yes i installed it on computer today from my cd which i payd for 1,5e :D. Waiting for interesting game hours i have played it before on ps2.

God Bless! Give him an opportunity because he is real :)