lördag 22 oktober 2011

It's time to return to castle wolfenstein!

Yes this follower to original wolfenstein 3d is up next, and it have already self lived 10 years, keep reading and be blessed!

lördag 8 oktober 2011

Doom 3

One doomed marine.

Well here we have the follower to the fps which changed it all. Doom 3 does not continue the story from doom 1 or 2, it's a totally new story.

This time Id tries to scare player bigtime! and success with that if you are playing in dark with lights off and volym on high, but i don't recommend that it can be dangerous.

Doom 3 on has 4 different skill level, the fourth nightmare are for sure a challenge to everyone! Well the story starts with that you are send to mars, where humans have a base where strange things are going on, you are a replacement marine ,and it's ridiculous because you are the only marine send there with this ship.  In the same ship are Counsellor Swann and his bodyguard Campbell who comes to talk with a scientist who has responsible off happenings on the base. Well early in the game everything ends up in a mess! and soon you are one off the last alive.

Dooms story is good with much information going on as you progress,from personal computer ''pda'' to which you can download videos and messages from others pda:s, Dooms points falls a bit of the reason that it is fast feeling like the same all the time, specially when one monster (imps) are in every level! that is getting boring and annoying! and some secret messages are disturbing, well this game isn't meant to take too serious and definitely not fore all!

But Doom 3 success to keep Doom series as a good games!


fredag 7 oktober 2011

Change of game!

I will not yet make a review of Harry potter, i'll make first of doom 3 which i play now!