onsdag 25 maj 2011

Starting with a mod to a game.


This is a mod to Doom 2, I saw it on youtube and thought that it's worth a try because it seemed interesting.
As the name says the story it's about a town where everyone have got infected, only our player is left alive all others have become terrible monsters.

First things I noticed in this game was that maker have but lot of work on details in game, such as new monsters,weapons and really nice thing in game is allies which can be found in some levels.

Maybe the best thing is the story lines that i haven't seen in doom before, in beginning of a level he have put text like it was doomguy who tells about his situation. Game have 3 episodes with nice details in each level some are easy but there are too  hard levels, and you can always play with a harder difficult. If I have to say something bad about the game maybe it's a bit short and there are some bugs but i played beta version so they will hopefully be fixed.
Write doom towninfection on google if u want to download it. 


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