lördag 12 maj 2012

Half Life mod: They Hunger:

Zombie time!

Well here we have one good old hf1 mod. Story for this mod is interesting, you are a random person driving a car, and ending in water after a storm. In the beginning you run around and you are already getting a filing that everything isn't alright. Then you find a dead man and after that the zombie invasion starts! 

You are fighting most of the time alone with new and also familiar weapons from hf. The game has 3 episodes. In which you will find out that your enemies leaders are some kind of a captain of army and a doctor.

Beginning of the game is a bit boring because you meet the same enemy so long, and it's not easy neither. with only a umbrella as weapon. The game is made by pc gamer magazine back in 1999, and in beginning The levels look that they are made by a amateur, but later you see the true beauty  of the levels. With hospitals,prisons, and other interesting places.

They Hunger is a challenging game, and it drags you back to computer till the end of the game. I couldn't even finish the last level on medium!

:Nice enemies
:voice acting


...Even a bit unfair game
:Why are there so few helpers!
:Some failures in outdoor designing

84\100 Still rocking after 13 years!

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