tisdag 17 april 2012

Turok Evolution!

 PS2  2002: also on pc,gc.

You are a Indian Tal'Set, with old and futuristic weapons. You fight most of the time alone against lots of evil slegg troops, but in some levels you get help from soldiers that reminds a bit of clone troopers from Star Wars.

The game is for most a first person shooter, but there are three chapters were you fly on some kind of a dinosaur, and these levels are the worst of Turok Evo. The flying dinosaur is very hard to fly with, oft it ends up flying in  rocks.

In first person parts the enemies are too quite hard and gives a challenge to better players too. Graphics are ok for the release year.

After all Turok Evolution isn't a game remembered by many, but it should have got at least a bit more attention, it's a good game.

+Nice levels

-Flying levels
-Too much enemies!

84\100p Let the axe rock! 

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