fredag 16 augusti 2013

Half Life 2: Still beautiful!

Half Life came out 2005, but damn, it's still a beautiful game!

HL 2 is a first person shooter like the first game.You play as the scientist Gordon Freeman. This time you start in city 17 as a prisoner, but soon your old friend Barney from first game rescues you. And soon you get first weapons and the fight against Combine empire. The game hasn't many returning character's, thery are Alyx Vance, Eli Vance, Barney, Judith and The head villain combine chief. But specially Alyx Vance female main character helpes Gordon alot.

Half Life 2 is easier than the first game, it offers to some situations where you need to solve out problems, especially the new device gravity gun is used good in these situations, for example lifting heavy things,pushing buttons. Enemies in the game are about same as in the first with some changes. Combine soldiers are much like commandos from the first. Headcrabs are back, and zombies. There is not much bad with the game, one thing is that it doesn't offer so much variety. But the worst thing is the fight against helicopter's, they are unfair made and gives headache.

If you are looking for a realistic game, hl2 is not for you. But if you want to play a interesting,fun,good made game, Half Life 2 is for you!


-Helicopter enemies

Summary; There really isn't any better fps games.


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